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Understanding the Home Inspection Reports

You may know that you need a home inspection and you may have a general idea of what things Texas Professional Inspections is looking for, but once you get the report, you may be a little lost at what you are looking at. While our inspection team will go over the report with you and make sure to answer your questions, so you know you are getting the information you need, here are some general outlines of your 

inspection report.

1. Take a moment. Our first advice is to take a moment to put emotion aside. We know you are probably feeling attached to a home you are considering or have an offer already accepted on. Our job is to give an objective look at the home to make sure you know exactly what you are investing in. Use the inspection report as a tool to help with that.

2. Summary up front. Inspection reports will include a summary that provides a general overview of our observations and inspection notes. This will give you a good place to start so you can begin wrapping your mind around what our professional experts saw. The summary will cover any glaring health or safety issues.

3. Detailed list. From there, your inspection report will list out everything we looked over and what our notes include. Items being in working or not working order, structural issues, recommendations for repair, age and condition of certain parts of your home will all be listed.

4. Take notes and questions.  Your report can be clarified so take notes of issues you see in the report and write down questions you may have. We can offer more information or make a recommendation for an expert to come investigate further. Sometimes repairs or concerns need another pair of eyes from someone who deals with that specific problem, like plumbing, roofing, or mold, every day.

5. Consider costs. As you read through the report, consider the cost of recommendations. Some of these costs will be more considerable than others. Small issues, like a missing light switch plate or a chip in a banister might just be for your awareness or might be easily fixed by the current homeowner. Other issues, like a roof in obvious disrepair or a suspected electricity issue, will need further communication and clarification between the interested parties.

6.  We can only recommend so much. We can only make recommendations for you as you consider purchasing this home and we can only make recommendations on what we can see. Our team is skilled at observing all aspects of the home and may even be able to notice external signs of the possibility of something going on inside the walls of your home. At other times, we may not know. Use the information we provide to your advantage as much as possible.

When you are buying a new home, you want that home to be yours as soon as possible. Taking the time to work with Texas Professional

Inspections and understanding your inspection report, will help keep you in a dream home, rather than a nightmare, for as long as possible.

To learn more about our team,  contact us today.

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