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The Importance of New Construction Home Inspections

While many understand the value and importance of an inspection for a home that has been lived in, regardless of the number of years or months, it can seem like an unreasonable request for a new construction to need an inspection.

Texas Professional Inspections encourages all homeowners, new construction, or existing home, to consider an inspection. This seemingly extra step will protect you and your investment, for a number of reasons.

Checking Appliances and Wiring

One of the many reasons why an inspection is important is to check all appliances and wiring in your home. This is one of the areas where problems can occur, and in a short amount of time. An appliance could have come to the build site malfunctioning and needed to be installed before that was recognized. Appliances and light fixtures could have shorted because of electric issues or storms in the area.

A quick misjudgment of the power load on your new build home could prove that a wiring upgrade is needed. Our team will check to make sure everything is functioning as part of your inspection, down to the last plug, switch, and button.

Issues Arise

Even the best home builder has issues that pop up. Contractors forget things, mistakes get made, deadlines are rushed, and, at the end of the day, your builders are human. A thorough inspection will help what are probably small errors get adjusted ahead of closing so you will

be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Most of what our Texas Professional Inspections team discovers are minor issues that home builders are happy to fix and make right. Small scratches, gaps in flooring, tiny cracks, and other problems can be communicated clearly

with our help. Then fixed before you move in and realize it needs attention. This helps the homebuilder as well because you are now a happy customer, more likely to recommend them or use them down the road!

Protecting Your Home

Your home is not just the foundation, walls, and roof you are buying from the builder. Your home is also the belongings and people you put in it. While most home builders have great warranties, you may not want to wait until an issue pops up to have to see what that warranty

looks like in reality.

If a pipe bursts or there is a leak in the roof, your possessions could be damaged or you could be out of your home or inconvenienced for some time. By inspection and fixing these issues before closing, you and your things, are more likely to be safe.

Early Inspection

One of the benefits of having a home inspection on a new construction home is that we can be involved early in the building process. If your home is further along or a pre-owned home, we cannot open walls to see what is going on behind the scenes. With a new construction, we

can come inspect at the framing stage as an extra within your standard inspection. This will help eliminate issues that would be costly, both in time and money, down the road. It also provides a valuable baseline for you to refer to if repairs or renovations are needed after you have lived in the home for a certain amount of time.

If you are working on purchasing a new construction build or working to design and build a home, contact our Texas Professional Inspections team. We are here to inspect, investigate, and advocate for you and your home, to make sure it is ready for your move in.

Wherever you are in the building process, we can begin helping you.

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