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Detecting Mold: The Benefits of Professional Mold Inspections

Updated: Apr 4

Dust, grime, dirt, and hard-to-remove mildew are common during the cleaning process of any home. However, what if that stubborn spot you’re trying to scrub is actually mold? Do you know how to detect and differentiate mold from other residues in your home?  

Texas Professional Inspections can help you identify the difference, as it is crucial for both the home-buying process and general homeownership.

What is Mold?

Mold spores, a type of fungus, exist throughout our environment and in the air. Under certain conditions, these spores can grow into actual mold. While mold is often black, it can also appear as orange, white, green, or brown, along with a furry texture. Mold can grow on various surfaces and extend beyond the visible area.

Furthermore, it emits a musty smell. Although some molds are beneficial in ecosystems, molds found indoors can be hazardous for occupants over time. Forbes warns that neglected mold growth can cause allergies and asthma, while the CDC states that individuals with immune suppression or respiratory diseases are particularly susceptible to fungal infections.

Detecting Mold

Even the cleanest of homes may have mold hiding in hard-to-reach places, such as air ducts or between drywalls. Mold should be checked during the home-buying process and can be inspected at any time if you have concerns about your current home.

Pay extra attention to areas where moisture is commonly found, such as sinks, bathrooms, damp basements, and attics. Mold growth often follows water damage, such as leaks or flooding.

Dealing with Mold

Leaving mold unmitigated can pose serious health risks to you and your family. If mold is discovered, proper remediation is necessary to ensure your home’s safety. Mold can also cause irreparable damage to surfaces, resulting in expensive and untimely renovations.

During a mold inspection, our experts will assess the severity of the issue, locate the source of the problem, and determine the necessary steps for  resolution. Addressing a mold issue would depend on whether it is a home you plan to purchase or one you already own. Consider repairs and mitigation measures carefully before making any decisions.

Choose Texas Professional Inspections for Mold Inspections

At Texas Professional Inspections, we offer  mold inspections as part of our comprehensive home inspection services or as a standalone service. If you’ve had water damage, we highly recommend including mold inspection to ensure thorough cleanup.

Moreover, older unoccupied homes should undergo a closer examination. Feel free to contact our team to schedule an inspection of any kind.

Ensure a Mold-Free Home with Texas Professional Inspections

Don’t let mold compromise your home and your well-being. Rely on the expertise of Texas Professional Inspections for professional mold inspections and peace of mind.

Take the necessary steps to protect your family and investment by scheduling an inspection.

Contact us today!

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